Guillotine Glass System - Vertiflex

Automatic guillotine glass system; remote controlled, motorized, chain, mobile handrail system. System; as a mobile handrail system; hotels, cafes, restaurants, stadiums, etc. are preferred to close and open places.

In patented glass systems, many patented innovations such as the safety system that prevents hand-finger jamming are only available at Vertiflex. The system can be made with 8 mm - 10 mm or double glazing and offers unique solutions to achieve the highest insulation that can be achieved in guillotine glasses.

4 x 4 System
The system has 4 stabilizing wheels. It can be applied with a maximum of 4 panels up to 4 meters high and 4 meters wide.


SafeGuard Panel Connection System
Thanks to the SafeGuard panel connection system, the chain is securely connected to the panels. The chain is completely prevented from breaking off from the joints.

Fingerless Jam Cover
Patented movable cover profile prevents possible hand-finger jams during system opening.

Silent Comfort Movement
Albert Genau's patented G-Motion motion system; it guarantees silent and comfortable movement. The wheels placed on the edges of the panels move in the wheel channels on the rails, allowing the system to move in a balanced way.

Chain Transport System Designed for Heavy Loads
8.51 mm.-14.75 mm. Broad and heavy panels can be made without any problems with double steel chains that are of pod thickness, each carrying 400 kg capacity.

4x2 Reinforced Panels
The glass carrying panels are combined with a total of 8 screws, two at each corner. According to the systems where only chemical adhesives are used, the separation of the panels is completely prevented by this mechanical connection.