Glass Balcony and Winter Garden Systems

Glazed, indoor spaces that are applied to verandas or terraces are called winter gardens. In our country, we have been producing and assembling winter garden applications in different models and types, which have been in great demand for the last few years.

This is possible with glass balconies and winter garden applications if you want to make your balconies, balconies more useful and use them in all four seasons.
It is possible to make your spaces open and closed when needed, according to the season. You can expect more than four walls with practical and useful glass balcony systems.

The process of closing the balconies with glass panels is called glass balconies to make the balconies more useful to protect them from dust, noise and cold. Glass balcony panels can be used in verandas to separate indoor and outdoor spaces, and can be used in all places that need to be opened when necessary.

Our company is the Ankara dealer of Albert Genau, the leading brand of the sector in winter garden and glass balcony systems.

Double-glazed Cambalkon - Tiara Twinmax


Balconies are open to external climate and all elements of the system must be resistant to external climate. In Cambalkon systems, carrier bearing and parts must be produced with “stainless” material. Albert Genau glass balcony casters are guaranteed for 30 years against corrosion.


Another innovation from Albert Genau to the glass balcony industry! Espagnolette lock. With its stylish design and easy operation, it is much more useful than standard chain locks. Optional espagnolette lock with built-in handle provides more security.


Albert Genau engineers have developed a special locking mechanism for the glass balcony system with Isıcam. With the system called “ABL – Auto Brake Lock”, when the sliding glass panels come to the parking area, it is automatically locked and the wing is opened without displacement. In this way, the risk of falling and sagging when opening the wing is eliminated.


In the system, which uses a total of 28 mm (4 + 20 + 4 or 6 + 16 + 6) thickness glass, a special vertical joint profile with insulation brush, epdm gasket and magnetic gasket bearings was designed in order to maximize the insulation. Depending on the desired level of insulation, any of them, any two or three can be used together.