Automation Systems

The main purpose of security systems is to control the entry and exit points. For this purpose, we produce automatic opening doors, garage doors, motorized passage systems.

Our Automation Solutions:


Photocell Doors:

Photocell, telescopic sliding doors, consisting of two or more wings, are an ideal solution when maximum passage distance is desired in limited areas. By using a telescopic sliding door, you will get a transition distance even if there is not enough space. In this way, a large number of people can pass through the entrance area. The uninterrupted floor guide helps to keep the sliding wings in balance. Its mechanisms are certified by TÜV test according to DIN 18650. In this way, it complies with current standards and regulations.

Revolving Doors:

Rotary doors or semi-circular doors are generally preferred in prestige buildings such as hotels, shopping malls and plazas.

Motorized and sensored window / shutter systems:

Automatic window and shutter systems are a real structural solution against insulation and theft.

With a single remote control, you can operate your louvers individually or in groups. You can save energy by controlling the heat change and insulation inside your home with automatic shutter systems.

Industrial Doors / Garage Doors / Shutter Systems:

Our industrial doors; It is used to cover areas with large openings such as factories, warehouses, warehouses, large-volume facilities, military facilities and requiring high performance.

Automatic shutter systems are spiral type systems used in business centers, stores and factory entrances.

In our Shutter and Shutter Systems:

Aluminum blinds systems with polyurethane filling

- Outboard shutter system

- Monoblock shutter system

- Detail shutter system without box

There are 2 main groups of products, extruded (internal) lamella aluminum louver and shutter systems.

Our sectional garage doors; It is preferred in the closed garage entrances of the detached houses, in the closed car park entrances of the apartments and sites, and it is the doors that can be used in situations requiring moderate speed and suitable for medium-wide spaces.

It also contributes to the comfort of your residences by providing high security against theft in your garage or warehouse and prevents your vehicle from being affected by adverse weather conditions (snow, rain).

They are systems that can be opened and closed with remote control and provide high protection without leaving your vehicle.

You can manually open and close your doors in the event of a power failure, or use an uninterruptible power supply.

It also provides safety by stopping the movement with a pneumatic system against foreign objects on the floor during the closing of your door.

Security Applications:

If there is a need to control vehicle passages at the car parks or site entrances, barriers are the healthiest solutions, even if vehicle traffic is intense.